The story

This lovely house appartment was created in the course of a restoration program for a seventeenth century cornerhouse some 10 years back. It is situated on short walking distance from the market square and in a very nice part of the old town,near some of the nicest canals.
Initially we didn't have the intention to use this residence as a holiday house. And precisely this is the reason why this dwelling has an unprecedented charm and a cosy atmosphere. This free and easy feeling that emanates from the house attracted many people coming sometimes from the most remote parts of the earth. The house seemed like a save heaven, a retreat after having spent some hours among tourists that seem to pop up from everywhere. And some residents came back to relive that experience once again...
The name given to the holiday house is nonless that of one of the greatest painters and sculptors that ever lived. Michelangelo Buonarroti was the name whe chose for our small family company, specialised in interior decoration. Having a beautiful sculpture in Carrara marble, from the hand of this unique artist/architect/decorator in our parish church (church of our Holy Lady) we didn't have to search long to find an appropriate name for our shop.
Anyway, the church and its sculpture is worth a visit !